Digital Influencers: The Right Way to Connect & Engage Your Brand

All you need to know about the engaging power of digital influencers.

The “digital influencer” is the new impactful term in today’s digital world. We have seen a tremendous rise in digital influence in the world of digital marketing. This is where the brands make use of influencers to connect to large demography, increasing their reach and building a large network of avid followers.

Brands make use of several ways that let them recognize a group of individuals, having right audience for targeting particular products and services. These relationships directly benefit the influencer, offering a best chance to succeed in their business. Recent surveys reveal that the percentage of audience trusting influencer is always higher than the percentage of audience trusting brands. This is a great opportunity for brands, to extend the trust of audience in brands through influencers. The audience is more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend or relative than viewing the brand’s advertisement directly. Customers are more eager to know about the review of particular products or services before going for it.

Having digital influencer at your side is an influential way to extend your reach and increase your brand advocacy. Here you will get a summary of what you need to know to get started:

Who are Digital Influencers?

Influencers are basically users of social media that have managed to create large, engaged and active followers. Any person that seeks a complete attention of a group of audience and has strong ability to influence and change the opinions and behavior as well is referred as an influencer. They have expertise in their niches and have built trust and mutually communicate with their followers. Digital Influencers act as a leader in their communities and the followers just want to copy and follow them for almost everything, no matter it is food, clothes or style. They are found on all primary social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

So, with Digital Influencers, you have a powerful tool to present your brand in front of large audience. For Instance, there is massive 100 million active users of Pinterest per month and this data will go on increasing day by day.

All of these amazing qualities of influencers allow them to tie up with the brands and increase their popularity. Therefore, brands these days are ready to spend a lot of bucks to allow target audience to associate their products with their favorite influencer. This way brands get limelight to the audience who are interested and likely to purchase. Moreover, consumers trust their influencer more than a brand as they can directly interact with their influencer.

Now let’s know about the types of digital influencers.

Individual who can make an impact and has access to social media has the ability to become an influencer. Depending on their level of reach, Influencers can be identified in three categories:

1. Micro-Influencers

Micro Influencers refers to individuals having less number of followers on the social media, basically in thousands.

  • They have high engagement rates and much more targeted audiences.
  • They are more affordable than celebrities & are more trustworthy.
  • Best to use for large engagements and conversions.
  • Based on personal experience with the particular brand, they have a greater ability to approach their audience for particular action.

2. Macro-Influencers

Macro-influencers are rarely found on red carpets but they have millions of followers on social media and are renowned in their particular niches.

  • They can be a journalist, executives, bloggers.
  • They can help to attain amazing outcomes in very less time.
  • Best to use for brand engagement and awareness.

3. Mega–influencers

Mega-influencers are social media celebrities having a million followers.

  • The level of reach and engagement per cost is comparatively higher than other influencers.
  • They are very expensive to afford.
  • They are usually less influential to drive particular action from the targeted audiences.
  • Best to use for impressions and brand advocacy.
  • So, are you willing to begin an influencer marketing campaign?

    Well, the first thing you need to do is to find the right influencer for you. Finding the right choice is always important. You need to consider all the four things in mind, the extent of reach, engagement, brand awareness and conversion as well. All the four things should go well with your brand.

For finding the right influencer, just have a look on various factors mentioned below:

4. Followers Demographics & Engagement

Micro Influencers refers to individuals having less number of followers on the social media, basically in thousands.

Go for an influencer whose followers are of similar age and gender, to have a clear idea about your customer or client. Select someone who is actually engaging their followers.

5. Content Significance

Just ensure that content created by influencer matches with your brand.

6. Authenticity

Authenticity is the very important factor for any influencer. An influencer must put his real efforts and share his/her personal experience with the brand to the targeted consumers. You would have noticed that an engaging story tend to get more shares and comments.


Influencer Marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for various brands to build and engage as well with their target audiences on social media platform. The authentic content of the influencer helps brands to seek the attention of the targeted audiences and build their trust. Influencer Marketing not only promotes your brand, but also help influencers to grow professionally. You need to build a strong relationship and offer value in return to your influencers. This is how a win-win situation is created and achieved successfully.